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Emerge’s range of services take either a step-by-step or bundle approach. This enables us to achieve the economic, social, and environmental benefits that come with energy efficiency and onsite energy supply solutions. These benefits include:

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    Increased asset value

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    Increased operational cost reduction

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    Increased comfort standards

  • Increased reduction of carbon footprint and CO₂ emissions

Our energy services, at no up-front cost.

If you could save money and reduce your carbon footprint, - without incurring additional expense - would you do it?


Emerge can develop solar photovoltaic systems to suit your needs. These will provide you with green electricity for on-site consumption, through Solar Power Agreements (SPAs).

Emerge is vendor-agnostic and has tried and tested engineering capabilities. We will suggest solutions that meet your technical, time or tariff-related needs. 

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Emerge will reduce your asset’s energy consumption through advanced energy efficiency measures and Shared Savings Agreements (SSAs).
Emerge believes that optimizing the current energy usage in existing buildings remains a largely untapped resource. We invite you to start your efficiency journey by partnering with us now.

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Emerge can reduce energy consumption by 70 to 90 percent by using the latest LED technologies, control management systems and Shared Savings Agreement (SSAs) or Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). 
When developing smart city services, ensuring efficient street lighting can aid mobility, connectivity, and other issues

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Electricity storage

Emerge provides greater energy independency and reliability through the use of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Solar Power Agreement (SPAs).
Electricity storage is the missing link in the energy value chain. Emerge can provide number energy storage solutions to meet your needs.

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Emerge provides greater energy affordability, security and access by combining multiple systems and acting as a multi-utility service provider.
Emerge can act as a mini-utility company, providing all the necessary services to ensure a reliable energy supply.

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Turnkey Services

Emerge takes full contractual and financial responsibility to deliver the exact proposed outcomes, enabling our customers to focus on their core business while reducing operational and energy costs.

  • Development

    Emerge pre-designs product-agnostic and asset-specific solutions to meet your needs.

  • Financing

    Emerge will finance the project once your designed solution is accepted, enabling you to save money from Day One without any impact to your bottom line.

  • Construction

    Emerge manages the project from the detailed design or detailed audit stage, up until the final commissioning of the system, providing regular reporting.

  • Operation and maintenance

    Emerge takes responsibility and manages the operations and maintenance or measurement and verification activities of the project through result or output-based agreements.

  • Supervision

    As experienced asset owners and operators, Emerge and its shareholders track energy supply and efficiency. This provides one of a kind mobile reporting.

Emerge delivers

Active in the region, Emerge has a number of projects and is actively looking to expand.

SeaWorld 8.2 MWp solar rooftop signing ceremony

With Emerge’s recent signing ceremony to develop SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s solar rooftop power project, the marine life mega development cements its commitment to achieving the highest level of clean energy production while serving as an advanced knowledge hub to better understand the region’s marine ecosystems

Abu Dhabi Airport 3 MWp solar carpark under operation

For the Abu Dhabi Airport Solar Carpark project, Emerge is developing a 3 MWp solar photovoltaic array that will meet all the carpark’s energy needs, with any excess production feeding other sections of the airport.

Looking out for new talent

Are you eager to contribute to the much-needed global energy transition? Do you have what it takes to develop, implement, and operate energy services? Do you enjoy working in a dynamic, professional, and friendly environment? Then check out Emerge’s vacancies or send us your resume and cover letter.

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